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First Light Web Services is the premier provider of cloud-based survey and feedback platforms for education and healthcare markets. Our dedicated team of experts provide highly customizable software that allows users to have complete control over content and process flow.

Impact Feedback

Designed with feedback from the nation’s top universities, the platform is a culmination of 9,000 hours of continuous development, IMPACT will revolutionize the way you do BASICS and much more. IMPACT Feedback will replace BASICS Feedback in Spring/Summer 2020.

Basics Feedback

BASICS Feedback is the only complete case management platform designed for BASICS. This groundbreaking software provides completely customizable assessments and feedback reports. It also provides students a means to self-enroll into available sessions. Providers can track progress, record case notes, and receive alerts.

BAC Cards

Our BAC Cards were developed in conjunction with some of the nation’s leading alcohol and drug educators at universities in health and wellness fields. Designed to be visually appealing, BAC Cards use an easy-to-read color guide to help the user understand the clear elements of risk, and how it relates to their blood alcohol concentration level.



Want your software to do more than BASICS?

Institutions have used our software for freshman orientation, outreach to Greeks, alcohol information courses, nutrition, tobacco cessation and more.

Our Clients

"Quick and Easy to Use"

The BAC app is quick and easy to use, and the BAC feedback provides a valuable reality check when you’re out drinking.

Nancy C. Reynolds, MSPH
Program Director, Ithaca College

"Creative, Responsive, & Dependable"

The BASICS program at UMass Amherst depends on BASICS feedback for all of our administrative and data management needs. There is no way we could manage such a large BASICS program if it weren’t for the easy to use, customizable and comprehensive data management platform. The BASICS Feedback team are creative, responsive, and dependable. They care about producing a top quality product which has enhanced BASICS programs across the country.

BASICS Director, UMass Amherst

"Has brought the BASICS field to a new level!"

It’s fast and easy to customize. Making text edits, norm updates, and other changes is simple to learn, and allows you to be creative while keeping the content relevant to your own campus culture. The Support Center has been responsive and helpful, even when I just have a quick question. This application has brought the BASICS field to a new level!

MSPH Program Director, Center for Health Promotion, Ithaca College

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