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The solution to better student health and wellbeing.

We provide a comprehensive solution for college health and wellness programs to manage and track student health and wellness cases efficiently and securely. Our software streamlines case management processes, enhances communication between departments, and provides real-time access to case information for staff, helping to ensure that students receive the best possible care.

With customizable surveys, you can gather comprehensive information from patients, allowing you to provide personalized and effective care. Our flexible scheduling system ensures that appointments are booked efficiently and without any conflicts. This will save you time and ensure that your students receive the care they need when they need it.

Our Products

Fully customizable tools to manage Wellness, Health Promotion and AOD programs

Designed with the unique needs of colleges and universities in mind, Impact Feedback can help you manage your AOD education, First-year programs, Wellness coaching & more.

Developed in conjunction with some of the nation’s leading alcohol & drug educators

Our visually appealing BAC Cards use an easy-to-read color guide to help the user understand the clear elements of risk, and how it relates to their blood alcohol concentration level.

"Thoughtful and Thorough"

First Light Web Services are great partners in our students educational experience. Thoughtful and thorough, they understand our work and care about their clients. Their platform delivers a more personalized feedback report and allows us to spend less effort for better quality program evaluations.

Assistant Director, Hokie Wellness
Virginia Tech

"Creative, Responsive, and Dependable"

The BASICS program at UMass Amherst depends on IMPACT Feedback for all of our administrative and data management needs. There is no way we could manage such a large BASICS program if it weren’t for the easy to use, customizable and comprehensive data management platform. The IMPACT Feedback team are creative, responsive, and dependable. They care about producing a top quality product which has enhanced BASICS programs across the country.

BASICS Director, UMass Amherst

"Has brought the BASICS field to a new level!"

It’s fast and easy to customize. Making text edits, norm updates, and other changes is simple to learn, and allows you to be creative while keeping the content relevant to your own campus culture. The Support Center has been responsive and helpful, even when I just have a quick question. This application has brought the BASICS field to a new level!

MSPH Program Director, Center for Health Promotion, Ithaca College

"The customer service is the best I’ve had"

Impact Feedback, by First Light Web Services, has saved us at least 20 hours per week in our BASICS program, as well as all of our wellness coaching services, for a variety of issues…. AND, the customer service is the best I’ve had from any company in my 28 years in this department, from training my staff how to use it to adjusting the program to meet our individual needs. We couldn’t be happier!

Wellness Coaching, Wellbeing Academy and Motivational Interviewing Lead
University of Michigan, University Health Service – Wolverine Wellness
Title provided for identification purposes only. The views and opinions expressed are those of the individual only and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the University of Michigan

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Institutions have used our software for freshman orientation, outreach to Greeks, alcohol information courses, nutrition, tobacco cessation and more.

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