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At the University of Oregon, Counseling & Testing Center, LaMisha Hill (a doctoral candidate in the Counseling Psychology program) is incorporating data from BASICS feedback into her dissertation research project. Her study, “Evaluating the Brief Alcohol Screening Intervention for College Students (BASICS) in Small Group Settings for Mandated Students Engaged in High-Risk Drinking,” will examine alcohol-use behaviors and other related psycho-social factors across multiple time-points. This research aims to further explore the efficacy of BASICS and identify ways to tailor the BASICS program at the University of Oregon to better meet the needs of students and maximize University resources.

“The ability to pair my research interests with current evidence-based practices at the University of Oregon has been exciting. The BASICS feedback platform in an integral component to my overall study and I have been able to seamlessly incorporate participant recruitment, follow-up surveys, and data collection. I am grateful to Chris Stark and the BASICS Feedback support staff for helping me build my study into the BASICS questionnaire and making this research idea come to life.”

LaMisha Hill, M.S.
The University of Oregon
Counseling Psychology Program