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BASICS with IMPACT at Dartmouth

Statistics from a recent study investigating the effectiveness of a 30 minute brief intervention

We use the BASICS Feedback system to automatically send out 3, 6, and 12 month follow-up surveys. The response rates are below:

  • 60% = 3 month
  • 47% = 6 month
  • 36% = 12 month

Analysis between baseline and these surveys post intervention verify an average reduction in High Risk Drinking by ~50%. So, we had similar results to traditional BASICS while using less staff time/resources. It is a wonderful program. We could not do the 1,000s of BASICS sessions without it.

I highly recommend their product.

  • Allows for multiple users with varying permissions.
  • Emails the student an invitation to complete a survey
  • Allows them to complete the survey online
  • Produces a personalized feedback report (PFR)
  • Emails me that the student has completed the online survey
  • Emails the student a link to our online scheduler. Allowing them to sign up for a Feedback session
  • Emails me and them the date and time of their scheduled session
  • Emails me and the student a reminder 24 hours before their session
  • Allows for Administrative, Referring Source and Case Notes.
  • Allows me to keep track of attendance (could trigger emails to referring source of completion, but we do not need to do that).
  • Automatically sends follow-up survey at designated intervals (for us it is 3, 6, and 12 months.)
  • Allows for raw data export so that we can analyze baseline survey compared to all follow-up surveys.
  • Allows for sharing of modules/surveys with other schools within their system.

Brian Bowden M.Ed.
Coordinator, AOD Education
Dartmouth College