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First Year Student Orientation with Duke University

We started using IMPACT Feedback as the management tool for our BASICS Program but saw the creative potential to expand and utilize the tool within other areas of our portfolio. We worked alongside Chris and his team to create and implement an online orientation module required for all incoming, first-year students prior to their arrival to campus to assess and provide personalized feedback reports related to wellness practices and substance misuse prevention. IMPACT Feedback has provided us with the flexibility to create a web-based prevention program tailored to the needs of our students while providing longitudinal data points for strategic planning. Through this tool we have also expanded our web-based services to include self-assessments for alcohol and cannabis use and wellness inventories that provide students the opportunity to see where they are in their wellness journey while providing them with access to personal and/or professional resources tailored to their specific needs.

Innovators with practical experience as facilitators and practitioners themselves, the team at First Light has created a web-based tool that enhances the delivery and management of evidence-based interventions while providing a platform that supports creativity and meets the needs of practitioners and the environment of higher education.

Justin Sharpe
Associate Director, DuWell
Duke University