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Student Wellness and Health Promotion had been partnering with Fraternity and Sorority life for years to provide preventive education around substance use to all new members of their chapters each semester, but it being a series of in-person lectures and there being thousands of new members each year meant a large drain on staff and facilities and more than a few logistical issues. Working with Chris at BASICS/First Light, we were able to develop an online version of the training that went beyond a simple survey and actually included feedback and follow-up, which was crucial, as education plus feedback is more effective at creating behavior change than education alone. We’ve been able to track trends in bystander motivation and impact, hazing, expectations around substance use, and social norms in a targeted population on campus in a way that we could not have done before, leading to even more opportunities for preventive efforts on campus. Chris and First Light have been essential in helping us customize the training and implement it smoothly. We will soon be implementing a continuing education module that will compare and contrast participants’ intentions and actual behavioral changes between modules, further emphasizing and supporting making healthy choices at UD.

Jennie Maslow, MSCC, NCC
Program Coordinator, BASICS
Student Wellness and Health Promotion
University of Delaware